These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Friday, November 23, 2007



'Twas minutes before guests arrived and the house looked better than ever before! The TV tables and plastic chairs are to accomodate the many, many expected guests and aren't ordinarily there...
Not a creature was stirring for fear of getting in trouble for messing up the rooms before we could get photographic evidence of how good it looked.By the way, THIS is what I had for breakfast this morning. I know, you are sooooo jealous, aren't you?Art for the holiday was done by you. How cute is this?!?You also assumed the job of snack taster.You took this job very seriously.You were all dressed up and looking adorable for this special occassion.Below here is actual proof of the mass hysteria that is induced when your cousin Lisa brings her cheeseballs to a party.It's good, but you have to REALLY want some in order to be in the right state of mind to push to the front of this crowd. :)Oh, sure.... They LOOK harmless, but they'll rip your arm off!I'm just saying!Having filled up on snacks, you were content to ignore everyone and watch a little Charlie Brown's Christmas on the laptop - at least for the meantime while the snack craze died down. All the while, the cooks were busy in the kitchen.Here the little boys played with the big boys by trying to hit them with balloons while the big boys deflected the aggressive little pelleting with no effort.It was all fun and games until Uncle Steve came along and took a big dump on everyone's fun!(AMBER - in case your Dad doesn't read this, MAKE SURE TO TELL HIM I SAID THAT!)In the meantime, you and Hannah had discovered the relocation of most of your toys to your bedroom and were taking an inventory of what all there was!There really was A LOT to discover!It was cute to watch you two together because sometimes you both wanted to do something and would try like crazy to convince the other one that they wanted that, too!Here you are trying to convince Hannah that playing Peek-A-Boo in the closet was fun.Here Hannah is trying to convince you to play "house" with her and to take a nap by physically putting you in your crib.Is it bad that I just sat there and laughed? Not to worry - you two had a wonderful time together. You always seemed able to figure out something that worked for both of you!Here are your cousins Jamie and Danielle.So, the total number of guests came to 22 people.BOY - it's a good thing we love each other because we were PILED IN!The turkey and meal was really incredible!Your Daddy and Grandma Rose did a FANTASTIC job! I love this moment! Hannah and Lisa feeling the effects of the tryptophan and sisterly love. For spacing reasons, we had the front porch opened with a space heater on it and this worked out really well.You had fun playing going in and out of the houseuntil you didn't.... Here's you and Buzz Lightyear! You LOVED showing off your favorite toys!With all this food in our systems, it was time for the Rose tradition of the post-Thanksgiving football game.We have a rather small backyard, but the benefit of being located pretty close to a neighborhood park, so I took this party on the road.The adults met us at the park and the game was on.I know you are SWIMMING in your coat, but I learned this year that you are growing like an absolute weed and if I don't plan ahead, you'll go through two coats this season. Anyway, it works!The teams in the Rose family football game are always Adults versus Kids.The rules are pretty simple: no one gets hurt and make sure the little ones get a chance or two to score.Other than those rules, there aren't any.Trash talking shows up from the start and continues throughout the game.The kids team frequently employs the technique of sending out the little ones to evesdrop on the huddle of the Adults to hopefully learn their play and be ready for it.People that sacrifice themselves for the team are praised and a little aggression is worked out in a constructive and acceptable way.Afterall, it IS football!Meanwhile, this setting worked really well because the playgound attached was the perfect setting for you and Hannah to get to play while the game was in full swing.Speaking of swings!Nice transition, right?VERY SMOOTH! :)
The game lasted for hours and even snowed a little. You guys got cold so I took you home.When the game was over and the Adults had claimed victory, it was time to eat again.In a 7 hour party, there are LOTS of opportunities for more!Your Daddy and you looked so adorable together that I couldn't stop snapping pictures.See?!?ADORABLE!
Here you are attempting to swallow your whole hand.The resemblence between you and your Daddy is really incredible.I love you guys!The rest of the night was talking and playing and enjoying each other.You had a blast playing with your Uncle Steve.

Which is all really amazing when you consider how much more mature you are than him. burrrn!It was a great Thanksgiving - even better than I could have hoped for!Happy Thanksgiving, Jack!



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