These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Friday, February 10, 2006



Last night was such a wonderful night that I have to write about it. There wasn’t anything special like any event or anything, but we had so much fun as a family last night!

Last night we had dinner together and you were so happy and excited! We played peek-a-boo with Daddy on the steps and danced to music and you called out “aaaaah-aaaaah” in delight as we danced around. You chased Hercules up the steps only to have him take off when you would reach him.

You also helped me unload and reload the dishwasher with dishes and I made up several new bottles for you in advance. Then we took a break and I fed you a bottle while you smiled at me from over the top of it.

When I changed your diaper, you reached your little hands up to me and I played with you by pretending to eat your belly button and you would belly laugh and then flop over and try to crawl away, but I would catch your little feet and pull you back to me and then tickle your sides as you giggled into the bedspread.

Daddy ran out on an errand and, when he returned you smiled your biggest smile and reached out your hands to him and so I brought you over and we all had a big hug together and you looked so happy about it.

You also really took notice of the Christmas tree for the first time and tugged at one of the branches so I had to come over and take you to the couch to read some Christmas stories together.

We opened some Christmas cards and we received one with three smiling snowmen that had glitter on them. You LOVED the texture of the glitter and carried this card around and called out “AAAAH-AAAH” about it to show me and the world what you were holding.

By the end of the evening, I was having such a great time that I wanted to keep you with us when you fell asleep and snuggle you all night long, but I know that you sleep better when you don’t get too warm and we all tend to get a little too warm when we’re all snuggled in the same bed. So I took you to your bed and tucked you in and then went to my own bed – but I swear that I count the minutes till you get up again in the back of my head.

I love you little Jack! I can’t wait to hold you again tonight!



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