These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Yesterday was a charity walk for the March of Dimes at your school. Each child gathered donations from people to sponsor their walk and you brought in $540 in donations thanks mostly to the very generous donation from Great-Grandma (GG) D, who donated most of that - and by MOST, I mean all of the hundred amounts. That's $500. $500. For a daycare charity walk!


Anyway - the walk was a huge success and totally adorable to witness. Grandma Rose showed up to witness the event and I brought in lei's and sunglasses for your room to lend to the "beach" theme of the walk.

The walk was designed with special areas setup with activities in order to maintain more order as the children walked around the grounds area.

When we arrived, we peaked at you through the door watching you have snack - completely oblivious to our presence.
Then Grandma and I walked in and you were so overwhelmed to see us in school when we ordinarily weren't there, that it turned your world upside down and you immediately went into this position and stayed there for two minutes.When the world didn't explode, Grandma helped you try on your sunglasses for the walk.The glasses were adult sized and I think it contributed to making you guys look even more adorable as a group with matching glasses and lei's.From there everyone lined up to take roll call. This is one of your favorite parts of any day - roll call. You call out each child's name and instruct them to say "YES!" I watched as you turned your face nose-to-nose with a little friend of yours and said loudly into her face "AUDWEE (Audrey) ***** - SAY "YES"!"You take your job as roll call police very seriously indeed.Oh, and - did I mention? You like to be FIRST?You rush for first place in line as though your very life depends on whether or not you get it.The Wonderwalk started out in the babies fenced in area which held the least amount of fascination for the group because it consisted of balls, buckets of water and three duck inner tubes.You ran around and checked out every square inch of area as soon as we were outside.Here's Grandma Rose who came along watching the insanity with a smile on her face.I tried to help by demonstrating that you could throw the balls through the inner tubes, but this increased the value of the inner tubes by a thousand fold and there were only three of them, so you can imagine what this led to.If you guessed - pandemonium - you are correct!Your Grandma and I witnessed you try to take at least two inner tubes away from friends and I stepped into intervene saying "Jack, we need to share".After I explained this, you would go to find another already claimed one and we would repeat the scenario.You sure were looking adorable, though!The next area was in the area of the preschool children and had a slide, bikes and an area with some sensory tables.You were thrilled with the playground equipment as were the other children because this was a rare opportunity to get to play on the older children's playground and everyone wanted to take full advantage.The crowded lines up and down the equipment made me laugh and worry about an accidental stampede all at the same time.If we've learned anything from the Beastie Boys, it's that sometimes you have to fight for your right to party....and now you know exactly how old I am...Here you are deciding you want a bike, so you are prepared to de-thrown this unsuspecting playmate when suddenly, across the playground you spot another available bike.You can actually see in this picture the anxiety you are experiencing as you cover the length of the playground - heart in your throat - that you might not get there in time.And now, the enormous relief that you made it.From there, the next stop had water sensory tables with sand, shells, and plastic water creatures in the water, plus there was chalk and hula hoops.Here you are very excitedly discovering everything the water sensory table has to offer.Look Grandma!A TURTLE!COOL!A FROG!WIBBIK!Playing with your friends in the water was your favorite part of the walk.Finding shells...Splashing...On a very hot day, it's ALL good!The young lady in this picture is one of your teachers in the young 2's room.Her name is Ms. Katie and she is one of your favorites.Here she is trying to convince you to transition to the next area.Here you are resisting. You don't like change at all. I think you get that from me - I tend to fear change.When you finally did change areas, you ended up taking a spill in your mad rush to get the best of whatever there was to offer.Amazingly enough, you bounced right back up and kept going.You are a tough little guy!This new area had buckets of soap and fly swaters in them so that the young children that couldn't figure out how to blow bubbles could still make bubbles by swinging the fly swatters. You were content to chase the bubbles that the other children were making.From there, it was popsicle time and the perfect stage setting for Grandma and I to make our exits while you descended into sugary bliss.It was such a great morning that it made the day seem to float by. Plus, last night Grandma Rose took care of you for the evening while Daddy and I went to see a movie. It was Blades of Glory which is a silly comedy and was just perfect for the mood I was in. What a great night and what a fantastic day!
It was WONDER-ful! :)



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