These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The opposite of You is Me....


Okay - so it's you and me, kiddo. No one said this was going to be easy.
But you seem to be pushing the bar... :)
I'm at work right now and, with a little distance to observe from, our recent interactions MUST be kind of funny to watch.
"Jack - we're going this way"
"Nooooo, THIS way..."
********************** "Jack, don't go in the street."
without even turning to acknowledge me, you continue in this direction...
a half turn of the head in my direction allows me to see a slight curl of the lips and wide eyes as you slowly continue directly towards the street.
"STOP!" don't stop.
I jump up to chase you down and you hear me coming and make a mad dash to actually touch the pavement of the street before I can catch you.
"Jack, we need to go..."
"Moe minutes...."
"We don't have more minutes, Jack. We have to go."
"ONE more minute, okay?"
"Okay, moe minutes...."
one minute later:
"Time to go, Jack."
"Moe minutes"
"No. We already had more minutes and NOW it's time to go."
"No, we have to go home now."
"MOE MINUTES, Moe Minutes! MOE MINUTES!!!!!"
At this point I pick you up while you throw your body back in full arched resistance mode and I SWEAR your body gains an additional 50 pounds as every muscle turns to lead and I struggle to haul you in the general direction of the car and you shreak so loudly, it must sound like I'm pulling out your fingernails.
******************************* This scenario pertains to your new favorite job of feeding the dog. At this point in the process, the bowl is so full that the food is dropping over to the floor around it while you carefully continue to add additional kibbles like you are building a pyramid, stone by stone.
"Okay, Jack. Good job! I think that's enough food now."
"Moe cup."
"I don't think the bowl can hold anymore cups of food, Jack."
"Sorry - but it's full. Look - it's spilling on the floor."
"Tomorrow you can feed the dogs some more food"
I put the cup away at this point and a piercing scream that could shatter glass comes out of your mouth and continues for quite some time, making me check the clock every couple of seconds to see if it's quite bedtime yet.
******************************************* Okay - these are just the challenging moments here, but they HAVE been on the increase lately. You are a grown little man who doesn't want his momma running his very busy toddler life and the old tricks I had used before don't seem to be working as well anymore.

I think I need some more material.... :)



P.S. The afternoon of DAY 2 in the Daddy-out-of-town-saga is another happy story!:
We spent the evening at Kelly and Bobby's tonight playing in their rocks and happily collecting the rocks in buckets. Oh, my god. I can just hear what you are thinking here:
"Really, Mommy? THE CAMERA? AGAIN?!?!?"
Ever since you helped us clean the rocks off of our patio, this game has become one that you enjoy very much. Now, if we could just rent you out.... :) It was really quite hot out this whole time. Your level of concentration is really impressive! Playtime is serious business, thank you very much!Your Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bobby had just built these steps to their porch themselves, so you tried them out:Check out the many talents of your Aunt Kelly! Not only can she build steps, but she can multi-task without missing a beat! Talking on the phone, keeping you safe, and smiling all along! Someone's going to make a great Mommy one of these days!
It was about this time that Uncle Bobby got home from work.You were thrilled to see him!You played ball outside Then we went inside and you played the "Chase Bobby" game where you run through the rooms in a circle...Hop on the chair together....and then roll off the chair and fall on the floor together in a heap...Bobby would stay on the floor when you got up and you would start calling for him: "Bobby! UPPPEEEE, Bobby! UPPEEEE!"and then he would pop up!Aaaaand repeat!You had so much fun with your Uncle Bobby!You clearly love (*idolize*) him and I think getting this extra attention from Uncle Bobby was just what you needed to take some of the sting out of missing Daddy.

You played right up until dinnertime which Kelly and Bobby had made for all of us - Erin, Cal, Kelly, Bobby, you and me. We had breakfast for dinner of pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage patties and links. It was fantastic!Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

and Did you know there is a movie out called "Toy Story"? No - REALLY! We should totally check it out sometime!

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