These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Sunday, May 27, 2007



We are on MACATION this weekend! When I picked you up after school on Friday you were on your cot and I explained that we were going on vacation, which you excitedly responded to with MACATION!

Macation has consisted of boating, swimming, skiing and tubing with Aunt Suzy, Jason and Kathy, Ryan, Kelly and Bobby, Meemaw and Poppa Dough, Bailey and us.

There has been some rain, but it's seemed to fall right on our schedules, starting when we were coming in and ending right when we were ready to come back out. I guess it must have received a copy of our itinerary.

You LOVE the Lake and constantly ask to "Go Wake!" almost every five minutes that you are awake and that we aren't down there already.

Here are some pictures from our vacation so far:Here you are getting ready to go swimming in the pool. You are wearing a very fashionable suit with a built in floatation device that I'm sure you will see pictures of someday and say "REALLY, Mom? REALLY?!? Seemed like a good idea at the time, did it?"When we came down to the level of the pool and you walked around the corner to see it, you amazed me by holding up your hands and saying "I Cannah BEWIEVE it!" (I Cannot Believe it!) It was such a grown up expression that I was amazed to hear it come out of your mouth and touched that it meant so much to you to be having such a wonderful vacation.We brought this little baby raft that I'd picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents and it was worth it's weight in gold (of course, it is lighter than air, but...., you get the picture)You love that little boat and trust it completely. I tried to make sure that I was holding it securely as you climbed in and out and around on it, but one time I wasn't and it dumped you into the pool to your complete shock. But, I grabbed you right away and once, you realized everything was okay, you went right back in the boat and all was forgiven.After our adventure in the swimming pool, we were ready to try the big boat with the rest of the family. You've been on it before to mixed reviews. You like the big boat when it goes at a fair and steady pace, but when it goes really fast, you tend to freak a little because of how much air it blows in your face.Jason started out driving while Bailey kept an eye on the wake.If you are wondering if the water was warm, it was not.Kelly was the first brave soul to get in the water to ski and found this out first.I think we all had similar expressions to this when we jumped in for the first time.Welcome to the polar bear club! Who knows if it was the cold water that contributed or Kelly's superior condition but she was the only one that got up on ski's on her first try yesterday and SLALOM nonetheless.Jason went next. Here he is demonstrating how much fun it is to try to get your skis on and keep them straight when floating in ice cold water.He got up on his second try.And showed us how it was done.He also demonstrated a huge wipeout for us.Then it was my turn to enter the ice cold water. Not pictured here - the string of explatives that I was uttering under my breath as my body adjusted to ice water temperatures.OH-Jack's watching. SMILE!I had the weakest first attempt on skis of anyone. It was sad.Here you are laughing at my first attempt up. Mommy's funny!Bottom line - I got up finally and we'll leave it at that.Poppa Dough was next.He tried slalom first, but ended up getting up on two skis.He looked good out there.After Poppa Dough's turn, it was time for a rain break so we headed in for some rest time.

Not pictured here, the afternoon beating that Ryan and Jason took while tubing. You know that you had a rough ride when passing jetskiers stop to offer you a beer (this happened to Ryan) after you have taken a spill off of a particular brutal ride. We all survived, though, and only have sore muscles this morning that we plan to ignore and repeat the brutal treatment because it's macation time.You did get some rest time and snuggled with Uncle Bobby which was adorable and which I was sure to get some pictures of. We are ready for another great day!



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