These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Day, another dollar


Well, the week is starting again in full swing. I came in this morning to discover a multi-million dollar client received cards with another client's custom envelope attached (very smooth) and other people need images of different card options that don't exist two days ago, so it promises to be a rocky morning.

The weekend was wonderful and you know I speak the truth when I say that because I didn't blog this weekend.

Don't get me wrong - I love blogging to you! I absolutely LOVE it! But, I was having so much fun this weekend, there was no time to stop and do that and THAT is what I call a fun weekend. No time because there is too much FUN being had!

What was so fun?

Try going to our first Parent as Teachers event where they had a helicopter....Wait, let me stop right there and allow that one to sink in.THEY HAD A HELICOPTER!They also had an ambulance, firetruck, motorcycle, canoe, dog grooming truck, moving van, trash truck, and a mobile exploration van from the science center all within touching distance of you and many you could climb through and explore for yourself.
Then they had the foresight to setup a blacktop area with about a hundred bikes and cones and mini street signs so the children that wanted a break from all the exciting vehicles could go and pretend that they were driving one.You were quite excited about this area, too.

You went weaving in and out of the throngs of other children and parents without ever crashing into anyone's ankles.I was very grateful. and right next door to this setup was a very cool playground areathat was crowded, but all children were well accompanied and everyone was on their best behavior.We went down the slide together before heading off to check on the other fabulous areas that this event had to offer.Next we met "Safety Bear" who was nice enough to offer you a cute little stuffed safety bear, but which you were terrified to take from him. You seemed convinced that the moment you reached out to take the bear, he would show himself to be the UN-Safety bear and grab you. This didn't happen, thank god. You were very excited about the grooming truck and ignored the trained dogs that could be petted opting instead to plead for the large one lying on top of the van.From here, we went to the mobile exploration van by the science center. You were excited about the displays of fruits and vegetablesand spent some time pointing to them and naming them for me. This drew the attention of one of the "Parents As Teachers" educators who commented on how great it was to see him so excited about fruits and vegetables.I couldn't have been happier if they had pinned a great big gold star on me and walked me around the place to show me off. Thanks for making me look good, little man!Then you got to sit on a motorcycle and, truly, I'll be happy if that's the closest you get to one of these things for the rest of your life...From here, we went to explore the moving van with it's awesome ramp which all the kids wanted to walk up and and the other toddlers were funny in the moving van with your no-sense-of-personal-space way of standing nose to nose without blinking and smiling at each other.Then it was your turn on the ramp to come down.When you came down, one of the movers rewarded you with a "tan-dee!" (Candy!) which you were very excited about and held out to show everyone. I don't think you've ever enjoyed a piece of "tan-dee" as much as you did that butterscotch dum-dum.I joked that I wanted a taste and you laughed, but really, there was noooo way in heck that you were sharing that with me. BLURG!From there, we went to check out the firetruck. The children were able to climb on board and even press the siren.Despite the fact that they presented you with a junior firefighter badge sticker and you got to meet a real fireman, you couldn't happen to notice their lack of "tan-dee" to offer and refused to be impressed.From there, we moved onto the Ambulance.The EMT in the ambulance did his best to distract you from the attractions of your "tan-dee" and show you how interesting the ambulance was with it's air mask and listening to your heart.You showed persistence in refusing to show any sign of being impressed, but he must have gotten through a little because when he moved onto another child, a little girl tried to join you in the back of the ambulance only to start you declaring "MINE ambooo-lanssss!"In short, I had to climb on the ambulance and carry you off, offering apologetic explanations all the while of "he's two" and getting understanding shakes of the head in return. From there, we headed home for a nap. Here you are irresistably getting a hug from your two safety bears from the picnic - one that we got from Safety Bear himself and another that was given to us. How cute are you?!?The afternoon was quite warm, so we put on your swimsuit and set out the sprinkler!You really enjoyed the sprinkler saying "wain-ing!" (It's raining!) and only seemed to get a little upset when it would "rain" in your eye and you would demand a "Pay-po toowelll" (paper towel) to wipe your face.Then you would return to the fun!At this point, you wanted to try taking pictures. You had been watching me do it all day, so I let you take some pictures of me while I tried to make you laugh.I was pretty good at getting some sort of a laugh out of you at my pictures.I cringe to post them, but hey, that's me! Oh, my god. I am so, so very deeply sorry, Jack. This is too painful to watch. I'm now going to demonstrate blogging pictures with my eyes closed.... Whew! Okay, now this is much better!Here you are declaring your love of rocks - "BIG ROCK! ....don't eat 'em" as you like to tell me.The next day was picture-free, but we did a lot together. We did chalk pictures on dark colored construction paper, danced to songs from Shrek and Cars that I downloaded from iTunes, built towers and played with cars, I dusted and you climbed the ladder behind me, we went for a wagon ride up to the park, I pushed you on the swing and threw balls to you which you would kick and I'd go chasing after them while you laughed. We went down the big slide a few times and watched some television. Then we had a wonderful evening together and I wouldn't change anything about this weekend. It was perfect! Can't wait for next weekend!



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