These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I don't suck!


That title may seem a little harsh, but that's the "me" equivalent of standing up and yelling to the world at the top of my lungs:


To sum up - it's been the best past couple of days! I:
  • finally signed up and met with Parents As Teachers last night for the first time and I really like our contact, Erin, and I'm not just saying that because she might be reading this. It felt like I was chatting with an old friend and trading child raising experiences, stories, and sharing insights and it brought me to a realization. I don't suck at this! I think I'm actually doing a pretty good job! Definitely lots of room for improvement, but I predict you won't be hating me too too hard when you are all grown up.
  • finished another class that was particularly harsh towards my MBA and I ACED THAT SUCKER!
  • watched the Office last night and loved it so much that I had it implanted in my brain along with the scene of "Pam" walking over the bed of hot coals and her following speech.
  • walked into my interview today for a promotion in this company and I flipping NAILED IT!
  • Have plans to take you this weekend to a "show" where there will be fire engines and ambulences and A HELICOPTER on display for you to see up close and in person. How cool is that?!?
  • Actually got my act together and communicated with friends and family about an upcoming walk you are doing at your daycare and have gathered donations for a worthy cause so I'm feeling like I've done something to better the community even in spite of my pathetic email I sent out which I have to include here so you can be very appreciative of those that donated in spite of me:

Okay, here’s the first solicitation that I am sending out on behalf of child-related events that will inevitably be a long string of them over the course of Jack’s education.

This one is for a good cause, though.

First – please, please, please (emphasized enough?) don’t donate unless you were looking for someone to just give your money to. And – if that’s the case, then you can donate to this cute cause, but only after I’ve asked you about 50 times, if you are SURE…..

Okay – Jack’s daycare is doing a Wonderwalk to raise money for the March of Dimes for children with deformities. They are basically going to put the toddlers together and walk them on a path around the school for the fundraiser. Should be pretty darn cute.

Anyway, NO PRESSURE – but I wanted to tell everyone since I’ll probably mention it after it’s over. I’m making his teachers take pictures of it – because they LOVE it when I do that (insert sarcasm here. Oh, no problem, Jack’s mom! We didn’t have enough to do trying to keep all these toddlers in line as they walk around the school campus – OF COURSE WE’LL TAKE PICTURES you flipping b*&*%$!).

Seriously – don’t donate to this cause. Unless you absolutely have to….

So, as you can see, people are good at heart and donate because they care, even when they are invited to do so by CRAZY...


I'm totally high on life right now and feeling like I could kick Al-Quaeda's ass myself if they so much as poked their nose around the corner of my cube.

Okay, I better chill out a little or I'll start running laps around the office and then I definitely won't get the job.

I love you!



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