These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it Snow


Last night we took you to see the Christmas lights at Jellystone park.
To the adult eye, the display is gaudy and cheesy, but to the child's eye, it's a wonderland! You sat in my lap as we drove slowly through the park and you pointed out everything you could take in - Santa and the elves, snowmen, gingerbread men, elves and candy canes, toys and characters from popular movies that you just KNOW didn't give their express permission to be a part of that display.But I think the light display angels made the biggest impression on you. They were displayed in such a way that it looked like they were flying over the cars and this was amazing to you. It made SUCH an impression in fact, that you woke up this morning and the first word out of your mouth was "ANGELS! YOU angel, Mommy!" which melted my heart.The snow has brought with it a lot of fun and new activities to enjoy.Today we started the day off with making snowcones.We scooped snow into cups and put different flavors into the snow.We had a squirt bottle of blue bug juice (this is the brand name, not what it actually is even though it looks mysteriously blue....) that looked like windex and this was a perfect snowcone topper. You loved to add as much or as little of the juice as you wanted and would scoop it into your mouth, at first tentatively and then sloppily with it running all down your clothes and on the floor.We also tried orange juice snowcones, apple juice snowcones and lemonade snowcones. But the bug juice snowcone was your favorite.
In addition to this taste treat experience, we also went out in the snow later in the afternoon and played the falling down game where we would collapse in a snowdrift.I tried to teach you to make snow angels, too, and we made them together, but you didn't really see much of a connection between the hard-to-distinguish ones in the snow and the fantastic flying light up ones from the night before, so that was a flop.

We went to the tiny toy store and played and had a playdate with Calum and Emmett that was a blast!Then, at dinner time, we loaded you into the car, picked up some fast food Pizza Hut for you and White Castles for Daddy and me and headed to Tilly's Park to see their light show.Another night of snuggling you on my lap in the front seat of the car while you pointed out new lights that we hadn't yet seen before and listened to Christmas carols on the radio.I think it's this time of the year that turns me into a sap, but there is so much sweetness and magic in this time of the year!Bring it on!



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Laura said...

I'm jealous. That looks like so much fun and we didn't get any snow only rain and sleet.