These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Parent-Teacher Conference


Last night was our first Parent-Teacher conference at your daycare. Both your father and I were there. They made it into a fun family event with a turkey dinner and everything!

Kind of sets the bar pretty high for future parent/teacher conferences.

After their initial disclaimers about how you hadn't been in the class that long, so if they thought you needed to work on certain areas, and it turned out you didn't....well, it was only because they hadn't witnessed it.

Items that we need to work on with you is talking (tell me about it!), separating easier from parents, indicating wants (not by crying), using a spoon - spilling little, jumping on two feet, taking first instructions better (what kid DOES, though. I mean - let's be honest...), and starting to take clothes on and off.

I was really surprised by that last one. I hadn't thought you were at this stage of development, so I have never encouraged you to help me dress or undress you. A lot of your shirts are still onesies, so I figured this was a sign that you weren't yet at that age.

Here you are demostrating that they are right in their assessment of you needing to learn to express your wants in ways other than screaming and crying. Here you are pissed that the large tractor doesn't fit through the small doorway of the castle.

And THEN, the GOSH-DARN CAR won't go through the roof EITHER!!

Here is your favorite teacher in the room, Miss Joyce.

She's a grandma herself and is very patient and caring with you. I trust her and am glad to see you two have a nice bond.

She's the only other person that I have seen you seek out when we are saying "good-bye" to give "five" to other than family.

This is a high mark of trust that you are exhibiting and it is not lost on me. She is someone that I trust because you do and I trust your judgement. She must prove to you on a daily basis that she is someone you can rely on and that means I'm sold on her!

The other teacher in the room, is a younger woman named Melissa that is sitting at the table in this picture here. You seem to be okay with her, but obviously aren't attached. Maybe that will develop over time.

After the conference was over, we came home and played with cousin Cal and compared notes on HIS parent/teacher conference. (WHAT?!? NO TURKEY DINNER?!?)

Last night I set you down and slowly showed you how you could pull the velcro on your shoes and take them off. God help me, I'm SURE that I'm going to regret that very, very soon, but I wanted to feel like I'm doing my part. encouraging you to meet your developmental milestones.

I also showed you how you could hook your thumbs on the tops of your pants and then pull them down by bending over.

You thought the whole demonstration was a laugh-riot.

What kind of crazy, loony mommy was I?

I'm wondering myself....

Truth is - your teachers had some good points which I'll work on with you, and then there were other items which I heard, but I'm not worried about. I KNOW you'll learn to use a spoon without spilling with practice, and the dressing and undressing seems a little advanced.

I did recognize things to work on with you and I'm all geared up to the challenge. I will have you talking, dressing, waving goodbye and driving off to your new job by the time of the next parent/teacher conference. Oh, and honey? Don't forget to call if your going to work late, okay?



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