These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going Up!


Yesterday afternoon after the visit to the Castle of Chee-zus, we were ready to show you more.Right next door is the Arch. We walked over to it and you excitedly sprinted down the ramp under the Arch, sure that this next new experience would be wonderful, too.Luck and good fortune were on our side becase we didn't have to wait for a ride to the top as most do.As soon as we arrived, they said they had enough seats for us to take the next ride but we would have to hurry to get there. We rushed up and waited maybe 4 minutes which was much less than everyone else had to endure, but you howled to get down and tossed your body left and right in my arms as though if you could simply disslodge yourself from my grip, all would suddenly be right with the world. I don't know if you thought that the act of pulling away from me would make the ride doors open and the world spin again, but you wanted to be free.So, when the ride car came and it was the size of a space capsel, I was a little anxious how the ride up was going to go. I shouldn't have worried. The small size didn't bother you in the least.When we reached the top, you were excited to see out and had no fear of the obvious height that we were at, practically lying on top of the window in order to make sure you had full view of everything possible.You pointed out Mommy's Orange Juice Car which I was amazed that you could pick out. Yet you did!You also noticed Cheezus' castle and talked about the race while watching the cars speeding along the highway far below us.Daddy pointed out the stadium and the casino boats and things floating in the river as they made their traverse of the Mississippi.It was a lot of fun.More fun than I remember having when I was last there on a class trip.I only remember looking out the window briefly as a child and all I remember thinking was how small the people looked from down there.After descending in the elevator, we checked out the museum under the Arch which hasn't changed at all from when I was a child. At. All. That bear? I remember him AND I remember touching his paw in spite of the signs not to touch. I saw that as a challenge.You were a little freaked out by the robotic people that they have talking about the time of the Indians and the early settlers to the area. They are nothing more than human-ISH looking versions of some bad Chuck E. Cheese characters moving their mouth out of sync with the words that they are supposedly saying. Except these characters look like they died. Twice.We checked out some of our area's history.You loved the Teepee and were more than a little disappointed that you couldn't crawl in, but you took it in stride.When we came down out of the Arch, we looked up to show you the tiny windows at the top that you had recently been peering out of. Just then, a plane flew overhead looking like it could touch the top of the Arch. To think you had been high enough in the sky to be as high as a plane was exciting and added to the event in your eyes.

It was a great day!



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