These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Sunday, March 23, 2008



With all the focus recently on your Birthday and starting Potty Training, there has been a LOT to absorb. So even though we HAVE been talking up Easter to you, I don't know that you were all that prepared with everything else taking place so recently, too.

We dyed Easter eggs and had a lot of fun watching you switch an egg from one color to another. Daddy figured out some fun ways to get multicolored eggs and we would oooooh and aaaaah at them as they came out of the dye looking all bright and toxic. :)

Anyway, your mind was blown today by the Easter Bunny.

That Easter Bunny is a generous little ball of fluff, bless his little Cotton Tail....Now, we HAD left a nice little note for the Bunny telling him that the eggs were in the refrigerator and to please hide them.We left him a carrot, too, of course - in the spirit of Santa and such showers of generocity, one must be cordial and extend a cookie or carrot or one may not receive loot.Well, that Bunny - he came, he ate, he left lots.And I don't mean the brown droppings you would expect.... That bunny brought you cars toys, candy by the basketful, iced and decorated cookies, a puzzle, playdough and a stuffed bunny that you won't put down and have named Easter.After checking out all the surprises, Daddy explained about the hidden Easter eggs that we dyed and you were off.It's like every day of your life has been leading up to this moment.You're a born egg hunter, Sweetie!That bunny could have stepped up his game a little because you didn't have much trouble finding those eggs and they weren't sitting right out in the middle of the floor, either...All the while, wierd and strange things were happening outside because IT WAS SNOWING. ON EASTER.But our indoor hunt which is the way my family always did it, was a wild success.Your Daddy was an outdoor egg hunter. He preferred the wild ones.So, who knows what will happen next year. Weather permitting, of course.Much to my surprise, after finding all the eggs, you were up for hiding them for us. Given that most of them were lined up on the kitchen counter, but I'm still really impressed by this!I mean, I know I did this when I was little, too, but I KNOW I was much older than 3 when I did it. And you DID have some good spots!Boy, Egg Hunting can work up an appetite.YEAH, CHOCOLATE!!What? What's THAT? Sorry! I can't hear you over ALL THIS CHOCOLATE!With all this sugar in your system, it suddenly occured to you that it might be possible that the Easter Bunny was at Calum's house RIGHT NOW. WE HAD TO CALL HIM RIGHT AWAY.So, you spoke with Calum and confirmed that the Bunny was NOT there, but HAD been. Satisfied, you let go of the phone and ate more chocolate while I spoke to Aunt Erin.And this next photo is of the Sugar Space Out. This is the step just before the body realizes - WOW! YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO WITH ALL THIS? I CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!So, we headed right over to the Rose family's house for the family Easter egg hunt because many children all in this state of mind hunting for eggs outside in freezing cold weather is the perfect recipe for rainbows and unicorns.You didn't know that, did you? You're welcome. And your Rose cousins, completely unaware of your MAD SKILLS in the art of the egg hunt, threw you many a generous and obvious freebie.You didn't let on that you noticed.Well played, Little Man!The hunt continued until the older kids determined that all eggs had been found and the we went inside to open them up and find out what you had discovered.I was surprised to see how upset it made you to open an egg that had change in it. This was very disappointing to you and you would let out a little whimper as though this was a serious betrayal and reach for another.I think you were looking for your next sugar fix and this money thing wasn't cutting it.

It really felt good to watch you with your older cousins.You look up to the big kids so much and I can't express my gratitude enough that they include you, look out for you, help you.I hope you're close to them as you all grow up because it's nice to have people that you can look out for and can count on to look out for you.That's family. :)Happy Easter, Jack!



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