These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday Eve


It's the day before your birthday and your Daddy and I took off from work to celebrate it with you. Before we get started on our fun day of celebrating you and doing things you like to do, I wanted to relay some fun memories that I've not had the chance to blog yet.

Things you've done that I won't forget and I want to make sure of it.

About a month ago, your Daddy and I were getting ready to go out on a date and you were going to be staying with your Grandma and Grandpa Rose for the evening. I was visiting with Grandma and you called to me "MOMMY!"

I walked to the front room, saying "yeah, Jack?"

You had your hand extended towards me and in the trusting way of all mothers everywhere, I reached out my hand to accept whatever you were offering to me.


"I poopy."


You put a poop in my hand. I didn't know what to do. So I showed Grandma who tried to hide a smile from me while I explained to you that poop stays in the toilet or our diaper and we don't pick it up and then I went and washed my hands 987475210 times.

When my Grandma passed away, I remembered something that made me feel very special that she used to do. She used to defend me to inanimate objects. If I fell off a swing and hurt myself, she would walk up to the swing and swat it and give it a stern reprimand for hurting me.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it always made me feel so much better that someone was delivering some justice! :) Defending me!

So I started doing this with you and you love it as much as I used to, except when you get hurt now you demand that I "Talk to it..."

The other day, you bit your tongue and you said "Teef huwt me, Mommy. Talk to it!" and then held your mouth open so I could reprimand your teeth and tell them not to hurt My Jack. But it works and you go on about your business afterwards feeling quite sure that I have set things right in the world.

Dinner time has become performance theater in our house. You are eating a little more so now my aim is to focus on getting you to eat more of the healthy items and less of the breaded and fried variety as much as possible, so when you eat something good, I tend to leap out of my chair screaming and yelling and pounding excitedly on the table which will cause you to laugh at how ridiculous I am and then (AND THIS IS KEY) take another bite! :)

I tend to be quite tired at the end of the meal.

And we like to make funny sounds.

God, I'm so glad to have you in my life, Baby! I mean - Big Boy! (My bad).



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