These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Always learning!



Your Daddy forwarded me an article today that was recently published about babies and how they learn. It mentioned that babies tend to learn words very quickly starting at around 10 months and can learn 2 new words in five minutes with five presentations of the words or objects provided it's something that the baby is interested in.

It got me to thinking how we had been trying to teach you that you were "1" by indicating a raised pointer finger and saying "1". You didn't really grasp this because it was a concept that was interesting to us, but not to you. At the same time, you are SO fast to learn what you are interested in. You can operate a remote control like nobody I've ever seen. You turn the TIVO on and off with relish, and you have already learned and can identify "belly button", "dog-dog"s, and "hand". You would think that this would be common sense, but I think I've been focusing on things that I'm interested in. I will be focusing more on what you seem to be paying attention to now so that you can learn more and more even more quickly. You are SO smart - your little brain is a sponge and I want to be sure that I'm feeding it as much as it can take! :)

I was talking with your Grandma Dougherty the other day about the day I found out I was pregnant. It was July 5th, 2004 and I remember it like it was yesterday because it was the day after the Fourth of July and your Daddy and I were enjoying a nice relaxing day at the movies which was one of our favorite pasttimes. I had bought and eaten a large popcorn and soda and was feeling a little queasy. I knew it was probably the food, but I bought a pregnancy test anyway because I couldn't remember the last time I'd had my period. So I took it when we got home and was stunned when I read it. I went downstairs and showed your Daddy and said, "What does this say to you?". He looked at it and smiled and looked at me and said "looks like you're pregnant."

Our lives changed forever from that moment. It was like a countdown started in my head from that second and my brain started making this list of things that needed to be done before you were born to be ready for you and that's the way my brain has been functioning ever since. I think it's good, though. I'm constantly trying to stay one step ahead with the daily tasks and the long term goals too. Your Daddy and I are constantly making lists and sharing them with each other of things that have been weighing on our minds that we want to do around the house. We look at the big items on both of our lists and discuss how we are going to get them done. It's been working well for us. I'm just mentioning it now because it's a current thing that we've been doing that you might find valuable someday - or not... :)

Anyway, things have been a little hectic, but good. We are putting up new siding on the house which is happening just after having new windows put in and a tree cut down on the side of the house. Our retaining wall needs to be replaced soon and the stress at my job is no secret anymore. My job has been eliminated with my company. We have been told to get our resumes together and that we will be able to apply for other positions within the organization, but those won't be posted until June, so there are many months ahead of us with uncertainty and that is a little stressful. Your Daddy and I are trying to get in our doctor's and dental appointments now because our insurance is under my current job and we just don't know for sure what is going to happen. The truth is, I do believe that I will be able to get another position with the company, but I'm not sure in what capacity or at what salary, but everything happens for a reason and your Daddy and I know that all will be just fine.

It's important to keep in mind what matters the most and that is our family! Your Daddy and I planned the purchase of the house around the fact that it would be something that we could afford and we could still afford it even if I was working at Taco Bell (which ISN'T going to happen - I'm only using that as an extreme example).

I'm looking into what I can do to make myself more marketable both to the company AEIS where I currently work and long term for any other future jobs I might want to pursue. I am thinking of going back to school, but this is just a preliminary thought right now. I am taking an online course to see what I think of business as a possible major. It's been challenging and I'm only in the first week, but I feel good because I'm doing something.

Well, that's what has been happening in our little world lately. You are the light of our lives and the only reason any of this matters is because we want to give you the best of everything - and we WILL. Regardless of what happens! You are the best, little one! We love you!!



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