These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Party at Kindercare 2007


Last night was the first Halloween party that we've been to that you actually were able to participate in and get some excitement out of. It was at your daycare and they had activities and candies and the teachers were dressed up and taking pictures of you and your friends. They had a spooky house and cookie making and obviously had put a lot of thought and trouble into making it special for the kids.

Now - I KNOW that I'm biased, but you were by far the CUTEST kid there!Here we are at the table where you filled plastic gloves with popcorn and there was a candy corn in the bottom of each finger to be the finger nail. Pretty clever actually - but you just wanted to eat the popcorn!One of the older kids came as Sully to your Mike Wasowski, but the child seemed so frightened when I proposed that the two of you get your picture taken together that I dropped the idea like it had burned through my hand. I think I've said this before but it BEGS to be repeated that babies and toddlers in costume have to be the cutest darn things in the world. I really DO think that they should be in constant costume. Wouldn't it be adorable to dress your little one up as some adorable character every day of their young lives? I'd take more pictures than I could handle. It would be fantastic! We headed for your classroom so I could show you off to your teachers like I was solely responsible for how adorable you are and any compliment paid to you was TWO to me! This was a very cute idea. The concept is the duck pond but with pumpkins where you pick a pumpkin with a number and get a prize. Funny thing is the number didn't mean a hill of beans because regardless of what you picked, the prize was candy! SUR-PRIZE! :)I know - I know! You are astounded by my wit! But you did me one better. See?!? Here you are picking your prize!:and here you are throwing it into the tub of water like it's nothing but garbage.and that was your favorite room teacher, Ms. Sue, that you insulted with that action! (Actually, she found it kind of amusing! I knew there was a reason we liked her so much!)Here you are playing with your Mike Wasowski eyeball that comes off the costume. You love that eyeball. You'll take it off and forget about it and then - out of nowhere be like "where's my eyeball?!?" People look over like - what the heck is he talking about?Then we participated in a cookie-making activity where you spread icing on a cinnamon cookie and put sprinkles on it.Oh, yeah! Can you see the signs of sugar setting in? Look at that smile!! :)Sugar energy is highly entertaining!

Here you are singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" like you've been doing a lot lately:
I think you preferred the cookie without the icing because once the icing was on the cookie, you were really only interested in the sprinkles.

Oh, and THIS moment was a CLASSIC!These children were getting their picture taken together and you ran between all the parents with their cameras before I could grab you, inserted yourself amongst them and said "CHEEEEEEEZ!" like you knew exactly what needed to happen and were completely ready to do it.Come on - clearly you are the smartest and cutest amongst them all, aren't you?
What are you looking at? Where's my eyeball?!?By this time, Daddy had arrived at the party coming straight from the airport and making your evening! He stood by and lent his support while you contemplated the spooky haunted house.Check out how scared the princess is! Wow! I think she's going to wet herself!So, as it turns out, you LOVE Halloween - spookiness be damned!

Oh, one more thing. We watched the Peanuts Halloween special with Charlie Brown and you love it, but going back and watching BAD ANIMATION!?! Oh, my god. It's actually painful! How did we watch that and how do you still want to watch that over and over and over again? GOOD GRIEF!

Not to mention - I never noticed how mean those Peanuts characters were to each other - calling each other Stupid and Blockhead. Hopefully you don't pick that up because.... blockhead?.... No son of mine should ever say something so culturally irrelevant! I'll see to that!
Speaking of cultural relevance.... Do you think they'll ever redo the Peanuts to make it more - ummm, how do I say this nicely - - - not ridiculously out of date? I mean - Snoopy is a World War I flying Ace on a Sopwith Camel chasing down the Red Baron.... REALLY?!? Even I couldn't figure that out ages ago when I was young. I can only imagine what you think when you watch it... And BOY do you watch it! (Hey - it's really the only Halloween special we own that isn't too scary for you to watch...)



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