These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Rozarks in the Dough-zarks


Here I am back at work but daydreaming about the weekend we just had.

It was a slice of heaven. I feel so relaxed.

There is magic in that place.

The enjoyment of the weekend wasn't confined just to the humans in the family either.

April loved the loft balcony and would make trips up there frequently.

She did so in order to keep her eyes on her favorite TV show.


Then there is the actual outdoor balcony which is spectacular. We are right over the pool, a large open are of green grass for any number of perfect vacation activities - kicking or tossing balls/frisbees around, laying out for a tan, reading a book.

You have started to play a new game on the balcony which we have termed "Strong Man".

You grab onto the bars and try to pull them apart to demonstrate your scary strength.

It's really cute and the display is accompanied by grunts of "UNNNNGGGGHHHH! UHHHH-UHHHHHHHH! UH!"

Your Daddy showed you how to do it.

Sometimes you up the cuteness factor by doing it with just one arm which is not as persuasive. I even saw you attempt it once without even touching the bars. Who are you trying to fool?

Then there is the upstairs closet on the loft that is basically just a storage area with a light in it.

Any normal person needs to get on their knees to fit into the space and Daddy has to get on his knees and bend to fit.

You have decided this is YOUR ROOM. We spent a good part of the weekend playing in this tiny space. You go into the closet and close the door.

We play our part by knocking on the door and asking if we can come in. You will either hold the door open and point into the space to indicate our permission to enter or you will laugh and slam the door in our faces.

The dogs were included in this game much to their delight. April especially would wait at the crack of the door with ears perked up and tail wagging for you to peer at her through the crack in the door, squeal and slam it shut again.
The only one of us that was permitted entry every time was your best pal, Rufus.

But before anyone goes getting too jealous of Rufus, let me show you the next best game that we enjoyed playing this weekend.

Actually, this is a game that I remember enjoying as a child having grown up in a house with a balcony at the top of the stairs.

You would drop your Rufus from the balcony down to us and I would grab him and toss him high into the air back over the balcony to you.

You thought this game was wonderful.

We played it for quite some time as you can no doubt tell.

Then there was the playground.

The playground was just perfect in size and play items and everything for a small child. We played out there for a long time with you calling out "WHEEEEEE" while going down the slide and being pushed on the swing.

It was a lot of fun to play with you out there.

After that we dug in the sand of the volleyball court. (I plan on bringing down your beach toys next time. What a great sandbox!) We build some castles and drew pictures in the sand with our fingers.

Then the evenings were relaxing and beautiful.

We ate well, had a fire in the fire place and were treated to these beautiful sights.

I'm still on cloud 9 and not planning on coming down anytime soon. Can't wait to take you back there this coming weekend with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Bobby.

Hope you are having a great day today, Sweetie! I'm thinking of you right now!



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