These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Years Weekend!


I haven't written much this weekend - not because there hasn't been anything to write about but because there hasn't been any time.

We had a blast with our long weekend. We went to the Magic House TWICE!

You are really enjoying your toy shelves.

Every time you pull a box out with your toys in it, you gasp as though you have discovered a treasure chest of new cars and animals and action figures that you hadn't known before.

It's adorable and seems to be keeping things fresh and more organized which Daddy and I are enjoying too.

You also have enjoyed making "Fruit Salad" with your fake fruit, but other things end up in there.

Consistently, your fruit salad contains red peppers, cereal, cheese and soda among other things.


Then, we have been enjoying refamiliarizing ourselves with the Potato Heads.

You are much better with them now than you were before, but have been making some Picasso-esque Taters that are some sort of artistic expression.

This one really speaks to me:

Then there is the obsession this weekend with wearing your bear hat.

You have become really attached to it since it became a hit at daycare and now you frequently want to wear it even when indoors.

There is a little girl at your daycare, Deana, that plays with you outside BECAUSE of the hat. That's when you took to wearing it at all times.

My mommy radar is going off.

I think you like it because it makes you look so fetching and rugged! :)

And the final big news of the weekend is that you have your first potty!

I'm happy to report that you are pretty excited about it and have responded with enthusiasm.

Don't misunderstand. We aren't trying to train you now (although if you wanted to, I sure wouldn't complain).

This is simply an opportunity to introduce the potty to you in a non-pressuring way and get you used to sitting on it, which I think you may already have mastered!

You watched television sitting on it as though it was your own little chair.

And then I got the unexpected opportunity of photographing your first poop on the potty:

I'm sure you'll be REALLY happy someday that I posted these pics of you!

I love you, Sweetie!

We have had such a wonderful past year with you - your Daddy and I couldn't feel luckier. I can't wait to have more wonderful experiences with you in 2007!



And - we rang in the New Year with you being in another Macy's Ad! Check it out!:

Here's the page of the ad:

Here's a close-up of your pic in the ad by scan:

PLUS - here are some of your latest pieces of artwork which is along the theme of transportation:

A transportation sticker collage:

A Big Trucks sticker collage:

And a glue project where you assembled your own trucks:

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