These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jack-talk translated


You are gaining SO much confidence in your speaking ability which is so much fun to see and to HEAR! I love it! Here is a list of some of the things we hear you saying now:

boo = Blue
wed = Red
eyyow = Yellow
geeen - Green (almost every color is "geeen" because this is your favorite to say, but I think you're understanding the difference in the colors more each day)
pee-pee = not sure you understand what this means so much as it's funny
poo-poo = even funnier
e-i-e-i = means you want to watch Curious Buddies: Down on the Farm
meeemo = Nemo and you want to watch it. Right Now. Stop what you are doing and put it on.
MEEEEEEMMMMOOOOOO!! = any repeat requests for Nemo if the first one is immediately responded to to show the urgency with which it must be addressed.
buuuh = Buzz Lightyear. Either said when holding him up to show him to us or to indicate that you want to watch Toy Story 2. Now. Drop what you are doing and start it immediately.
Rrrnnghhh = Elephant. This is your impression of an elephant trumpeting through his trunk
eeee eee ahhh ahh = Monkey. Your impression of a monkey sound
baaaa = sheep sound
hooooo = owl. again with the impression
nack = snack. Now. Hungry. Now. (usually you want pretzels)
eees peeez = Cheese, please! Taught to you by Aunt Kelly. Absolutely adorable in it's delivery
mow = cat impression
a-poh = April
a-poh = Hercules (you call Hercules "April". We have taken your lead on this and started calling Hercules "April II". He doesn't seem to notice.... )
UUPPPPEEEEE! = Up or down, to get out of your high chair, to get out of bed, to be picked up for dancing, to get in a swing, to get up from a diaper change. Basically, this means that you want to be somewhere other than you are right at that moment and you want assistance in the process.
Ba-ba = Uncle Bobby
Yeih! or Yeih-yeih!! = Aunt Kelly
Bra = Uncle Brett
Baybee = Erin
Baybee = Calum
BAY-BEEEEE! = Means you want to watch HBO: Classical Baby. The difference between this and Erin and Calum's name? The desperation in your voice when requesting it.
YEEE-Haaa! = means you are having a blast being pushed in your car around the house at top speed
Weeee! = means you want to be pushed on a swing or means you are having fun on your slide
booo-booo = means that you have bumped something and it hurts a little and you want to know if you are okay
aah-beee = Abbey, Audrey and Kyra (?) = all girls in your class that you call by this name
ty = Ty. A boy in your class that you play with regularly
fie = means you want to give "five" to someone
bye-bye! = means you want to leave. Now.
Momma = obviously me, but also - you assign these roles to people and animals that you see in videos. Currently Momma is also the goat in the Down on the Farm Curious Buddies video and also the Lion in the book Quick as a Cricket.
Dadda = obviously this is Daddy, but also - you have assigned this role to the Horse in the Curious Buddies Down on the Farm video and to the shrimp in the Quick as a Cricket book.
action of shaking head vigorously back and forth = means no, but also is your answer to every inquiry that is placed to you. You know from the inflection in our voices when asking a question and auto respond with this head shake. Unless it is something you REALLY DO WANT and then your eyes get big and panicky and you follow us to wherever it is the item we are getting is to be found.
beeee-baaah = your pacifier, binky, pluggy. Again, first request for this is a statement but any repetition of this request is screamed at the top of your lungs and with intensifying panic in your voice. Not a big delayed-gratification little boy.... Just like your mommy! :)
beeeee = milk
eh = egg
ah-poh = apple
ana = banana
naah-gheee = nasty! (you got this from me - it's SO cute when you do it!)

I am loving to watch you grow and I love to talk to you. I hope we are able to talk all through your life and you feel that you can say anything to me. Not just now when it's adorable, but later too when it's controversial and maybe not always what I want to hear. I love you!



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