These are letters to Jack, my son, and my daughter, Audrey. You have given me the gift of motherhood. This is just a little gift back. I want to share my experiences with you of your childhood from my perspective of watching you grow - of being your Mom.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Long Overdue update


It's been WAAAAAAAAY too quiet on the blog-front and it's not due to a lack of things happening. It's a little more on the opposite spectrum that it's been close to impossible for me to find a few minutes to access the internet seeing that all my time seems to be occupied with other things.
You are in the 3 1/2 zone now. I don't know if that means the same thing to everyone or not, but it's been a wild ride and the little person you are becoming is someone that I love spending time with!
Daddy celebrated his birthday recently and you and I made him this choo-choo train cake. Note the finger marks in the engine of the train. You "helped" by doing a lot of taste testing. Apparently, it was delicious!
In addition to this, a number of your toys that have been "bad" are ending up in time out. I see you understanding this process better and better and you have flawless execution with the toys of the time out process.It works well with them and, when they come out of time out, they are always much better behaved. Good toys.We have also been making paper bag puppets. It's a lot of fun and, afterwards, we have a very active version of a puppet show where we play Run-Away-From-the-Monster puppet because anything that you seem to find worth doing is always exciting, very active, and more often than not involves running at top speed or jumping on or off of something that logic would tell you probably wasn't the best choice. (You made the Bear Puppet all on your own). Now, that's an age-thing, right?Daddy also came up with the idea of a bag of soft toys that you can throw because throwing toys holds a fascination for you now like no other. You have accepted this, but when other people aren't around and you want to try throwing another toy (specifically, your Masters), we still do that, too.Have I mentioned "Kung Fu Panda" yet? Your level of affection for this movie exceeds anything that I've witnessed before with you. You are smitten. Completely and totally addicted.I mean - gravity defying, flipping, kicking, dodging and quick animals that always come out on top. Wow. It doesn't get any better than this for the male age group of 3-6, I've determined.We recently took you to a Disney on Ice concert (which, by the way, was complete adult mental torture). You loved it. It was a parade of Disney characters dancing and skating around with a flimsy story line where the Incredibles were trying to rescue Mickey and Minney Mouse from Syndrome while on a trip to Disney World.What it REALLY was, though, was a shameless advertisement of Disney World and the rides and shows that they had to offer and adults paid to watch it. The child version of this, though, was worth it. Your mouth hung open the entire time while you watched the Incredibles skate around to their theme song in and out of different settings pursuing the wicked Syndrome and trying to save the Infamous Mice.Now you are convinced that we are going to go see a Kung Fu Panda Concert. So they better come out with one fast. You already have the plot worked out so if anyone has this concept in mind and needs some ideas, they should call you. You can do the work for them.So that leads me to my latest update.Extreme Makeover - Home Edition has found it's way to our neighborhood. Our street is blocked off and there is a police officer stationed outside of our house 24 hours a day for 10 consecutive days.The effect is that we have gotten a taste of the "gated community" lifestyle and it's pretty sweet.Now, we have walked past this house many a time on our way to the park, but I never remember seeing the family before or speaking with them. Apparently, though, they have twins with disorders and are very deserving of the special attention and love that has been shown throughout this process.We walked up there once during the process as a family and viewed the site. At the time, they had recently demolished the older home and were in the process of putting in the basement of the new one.I returned at this time (pictured in these pictures here) to visit the site again when the construction of the new home was well underway.I never realized how many volunteers made this happen, but there are a lot of caring people that appreciate what this show does and jump in to make it happen.

And it happened so FAST! I had no idea that this might be taking place in Missouri and then one day I came home at lunchtime to let the dogs out and change over the laundry and, by the time I left, the road was blocked off and there were police men blocking traffic. They provided me with signs that we were required to display in our car windows that identified us as residents so that we could make our way into the neighborhood.Pretty wild to be a part of something so big.Here is one of the street corners with foot traffic coming to check out the construction site and how everything is coming along (and perhaps to get a glimpse of Ty Pennington, let's be honest....)The streets were plastered with these signs, too.But the part that I will remember most personally was sleeping for all those days with this stadium type light directly outside of our house shining through the entire night and run by a very loud generator stationed in the middle of the street outside our house.

I had to take a picture because describing it - just doesn't do it justice.



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